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Things are changing on our website!!!!!!

We always welcome feedback from our customers. Its the only way we know what you want to see on our website so please, keep it coming. One of the things we are asked for the most is measurements. We have always struggled to include these on our listings as each dress is slightly different. We have had cases where the same dress, in the same size has had a difference in size of over an inch! But, we also realise how important this information is when choosing your outift and so, as from now, we are changing how we take our photos (this will help the dress stand out and will allow you to see greater detail on it as well) and we are also measuring each dress and including the measurements in each description. As we currently hold over 1000 dresses in stock, this is going to take us some time to complete, so please bear with us and keep coming back to see the changes as they happen.

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